APA History

 The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) was established on September 29, 1948 by a group of 7 fireworks manufacturing companies who recognized the need to unite in order to effectively face growing regulations and  industry-wide issues. The founding members included:

Brookside Pyrotechnic Chemical Co. (Maryland)              Columbia Manufacturing Co. (Maryland)
Kent Manufacturing (Maryland)                                            Keystone Fireworks & Specialty (Pennsylvania)
M. Backes and Son (Connecticut)                                        National Fireworks (Massachusetts)
Zenith Fireworks (Missouri)

As the nation’s oldest and most recognized fireworks trade group, the APA represents the entire fireworks industry – professional display, consumer & proximate pyrotechnic, manufacturers, importers & distributors, domestic & foreign, companies large and small who share a dedication to the APA’s principle goals of safety and compliance.       

Through its ongoing advocacy, compliance assistance, education & training, and public relations activities, the APA has become the face of the fireworks industry both domestically and abroad, strengthening the image of the industry and increasing confidence in its products among regulators, the media and general public. For well over seven decades the APA has worked toward responsible regulation of the fireworks industry and in today’s climate, that work has never been more challenging. APA members invest in the future of fireworks and remain dedicated to Preserving and Promoting an American Tradition.